Sigma Contemporary Dance
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Sigma is a semi-professional independent local dance group made up of full-time working adults. Sharing the belief that they should never stop dancing even after entering the professional workforce, they continuously create platforms to pursue the art form. They are not just nine working adults, they are committed to give their all in both their day-jobs and dance.

They pride themselves in constantly exploring new creative ways to create unique visual experiences for their audience. Through this, the group hopes to engage and connect with them during their performances, and to make contemporary dance more accessible.

Since inception, they have put up 3 well-received black box productions, T|hitherto in 2012, A Double Bill: Light/Shadows et Optical Delusion in 2014 and most recently, Dialogue 2.0 in 2016. Apart from creating their own productions, they constantly seek opportunities to perform and develop their repertoire of works as well as support local arts festivals and dance events such as M1 Open Stage, Verve, an Arts Festival and TRDO ACT 1.

Sigma strives for professional standards and aims to continue their journey of exploration, improvisation, creation as well as collaborations with other art disciplines, to eventually produce more original works. Through these works, and their activities, they hope to encourage the growth and support of Singapore’s contemporary dance scene.

Many working adults get caught up in the daily grind and Sigma hopes to remind and inspire them to always find time to do what they love.